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"Giuseppe Rossi Will Be Playing for Fiorentina"

Great business is born at the table. You see here agent Federico Pastorello, the GM of Fiorentina Daniele Prade, superstar Giuseppe Rossi and our own Venanzio Ciampa in the restaurant Ai Fuori on Fifth Avenue in New York City. —Corriere dello Sport : Sunday, January 6, 20013

CAPITAL (published by Classeditori)

Issue n. 393 – November 2012




He brought the Cirque du Soleil to the Death Valley and the Lunar Rover to Central Park. Why Venanzio Ciampa and his Factory’s creed is to promote with a creative, but also a tangible and strategic approach.


In his Manhattan office, an open-space flooded with light in Union Square, he cut out a quiet place to think, just for himself, slightly apart from the other desks of the PRs of the group. This is where Venanzio Ciampa defined the “Maestro of marketing” by the New York Post, conceives his communication strategy for the luxury industry, special events, gossips, entertainment, and technology. Like the idea of taking the Cirque du Soleil to the Death Valley or of filling the Lincoln Center with umbrellas for a fashion show featuring Italian outwear brand Allegri. Born in the States, but with a classical studies background in Rome, Ciampa became a journalist working in Rai in New York, then was marketing consultant for Cinecittà, organizing several retrospectives and exhibits in the Big Apple. After that he looked after Omega’s marketing in Switzerland, Lvmh, Swatch. A long experience during which he collaborated with celebrities such as Sofia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Luciano Pavarotti, Martin Scorsese, Bernardo Bertolucci, and Michelangelo Antonioni. And during which he created exaggerated events, like the race between the Lunar Rover (the vehicle brought to the moon by the Apollo Lunar Module) and an Indy Car in Central Park to launch the Omega Speedmaster Racing timepiece. Finally, in 2004, Ciampa founded his own company, The Promotion Factory. A creative laboratory, as cozy as a home, where between a brainstorming session and an Italian lunch with pasta, mozzarella and pizza, ideas are born that can transform a nameless company into a prestigious brand. “The secret lies in work and passion, and more work,” Ciampa explains. Naturally, also intuition, talent, and a natural talent for creativity. Three qualities that are certainly the groundwork for a confident success, but that in the Big Apple certainly make the difference.

Watchmaking Storytellers


This past Tuesday, I had the privilege of attending an event held at Cipriani Dolci in Grand Central for Girard-Perregaux, makers of Swiss “Haute Horlogerie” timepieces since 1791. I had no idea what to expect, nor was I even planning on writing a blog post about it. I was simply there enjoying free bellinis and all the orderves that passed near my vicinity. Four drinks and countless mini pizzas and chicken croquettes in, I started really examining what was going on.

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